Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Well my plans to get this blog back and running have hit a bit of a hurdle as our old PC decided to die. Although this is not all doom and gloom as it now means I have my own personal (all to myself) lap top which incase your interested is a pretty shade of red. I think I should add now if you like pictures in your post this is not going to be the post for you as I have no photos on my lap top at present as they were all on the old hard drive, I hope to remedy that soon but as you can imagine my days are pretty busy.
I also had my oldest Carly and her three kids stay for half term last week too so to be honest today is the first day I am actually getting myself sorted. As a side note I would like to add I have now not knit anything for a week.

Anyway back to the point I do really want to keep an ongoing blog on the things I am knitting as they progress and the materials I am using, I also plan to try and update what I am buying and list it on here also. In truth I have a secret desire to have a video podcast but that is way beyond any computer skills that I have so I thought the next best thing would be to try and log things on here and you never know I may get followers interested.

All of this really is a long winded way of saying for anybody who has passed by and thought 'I knew she wouldn't start posting again' I really do want to its just I feel it would be better with some pictures as we all know one of the big reasons we read blogs is to look at the pretty pictures lol. That is the main reason I have switched from listening to podcasts to watching videocasts, I love to see the stuff!!!

So I hope that soon there will be the start of my 'real' post and it will contain pictures and hopefully a bit of interesting information too.

Till then I will say watch this space.

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