Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Another quick fix knit a little ruffle hat for Gracie. The pattern is Bernat Ruffle Hat which obviously I found on Ravelry.lol. The yarn is Babylonglegs Merino Double knit called LottieRu.
Not much going on round here, I am fed up but don't know why, must be the time of year!
I can't even seem to get on with my knitting which is bad, hence why I started the little hat, needed to actually finish something. My two wip are just floundering at the moment.
I am reading the new Dawn French book at the moment called Dear Fatty, and it is really good, it was an anniversary present which was last Friday. I also got the complete series 3 of Marple mysteries which is great as I hadn't seen 3 of the episodes.
Not much else to report just the usual borring stuff. I think I will try to do some knitting today.


BabyLongLegs said...

Its knitted up lovely :)

I don't like this time of year either, Amanda....

Happy knitting!!!

S xXx

SweetPeaknits said...

Happy belated Anniversary, Amanda. :)

I love your little ruffle hat, Gracie looks so cute in it.

Love Estee. x

sue said...

Love the little ruffled hat. The yarn looks so nice. I too havent felt like knitting much this week, I start and then get bored very easily. I am trying to find a project that will motivate me to knit again.

Beth said...

The hat is precious!!! I know how you feel. Everything feels BLAH right now so I'm forcing myself to finish projects. Miss Marple!!!!! OOOHHHH I LOVE LOVE LOVE Miss Marple!! I want to get the complete series on DVD---you've got to love someone who can knit without dropping a stitch AND solve a mystery ;)

Dawn said...

You have finished so much that you deserve a break! Just remember.....Christmas is coming...AGGGHHHHH