Friday, March 14, 2008

Just a quick update actually got some computer time, today is my 42nd birthday although don't know why I am announcing
Joe won his fight and now has a place on the England squad so all being well it is 2012 here we come.:-)

Have done some knitting, knitted a funky fur jacket for a friend who had a baby on March 2nd actually started knitting it that day and took it round to her a week later. I have also been cross stitching again. I must get some pictures on here as I have also bought tons of yarn, but as usual the batteries for the camera have run out and nobody remembers to get any when there out.

Well thats about it for now I shall now go and eat lots of chocolate.


SweetPeaknits said...

Happy birthday Amanda and fab news about Joe. Congratulations to him and keep up the good work for 2012.
Have a good day. Estee. x

Maddie Rowe said...

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If you’re interested in this, please drop me an email to find out more.



Dawn said...

Happy b-day! I hope it was great. Happy Easter too....I'm really happy to hear about Joe! I'll have someone to cheer on!!!

meg said...

Happy Belated Birthday (aw, 42 isn't so bad- right?) & congratulations to Joe; wouldn't that be amazing to be in the Olympics?
Have a blessed (& hopefully warm) Easter- we are off to our nation's Capital for a week & will be attending services at the National Cathedral (if I can wake up that early- 3 hour time difference takes a bit of getting use to)

NH Knitting Mama said...

Hi, there! I'm sorry I am late offering birthday greetings, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I love the pics of the kids... what a beautiful family.